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Sheikah Slate Nintendo Switch Case made by Senpai3D

Breath of the Wild Stickers made by ForeverPaintingJosie

Legend of Zelda Wireless Phone Chargers made by forgedinfoliage

Legend of Zelda Item Pins made by sootandwhisker

Breath of the Wild Charms made by SharkTeath

Artists @shattered-earth @lovemilkbun @mayuiki-art and @finnichang created a fanzine called Taste of the Wild that contains illustrated recipes for 12 dishes from Breath of the Wild

3D Wood-carved map of Hyrule made by OverviewDesign

Stained Glass Koroks made by NorthwoodGlassworks


Breath of the Wild Cooking Link Shaker Charm made by JupyPoopy

Nintendo released a Legend of Zelda chest filled with rupee paperweights