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Sheikah Slate Nintendo Switch Case made by Senpai3D

Artists @shattered-earth @lovemilkbun @mayuiki-art and @finnichang created a fanzine called Taste of the Wild that contains illustrated recipes for 12 dishes from Breath of the Wild

Stained Glass Koroks made by NorthwoodGlassworks

Lifesize Breath of the Wild Guardian at Nintendo of America Headquarters in Redmond, Washington

Legend of Zelda Stained Glass made by Arjan Boeve

Breath of the Wild Goddess Statues made by DeosilDesigns

Ocarina of Time Replica Hookshot made by MEMprops

Breath of the Wild Cosplay Gear made by DuckCosplay

Breath of the Wild Master Sword & Pedestal Displays made by AstoriaDesign

Breath of the Wild Korok Figures made by MatchaNest