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Ridiculously interesting photos of Pablo Picasso in minotaur mask, Côte d’Azur, 1949.

40 fascinating vintage photos of a young Kim Wilde in the 1980s.

An artist at the 57th Street Art Fair in Chicago, 1954. Photographed by Mildred Mead.

57th Street Art Fair, Chicago, 1954. Photographed by Mildred Mead.

Wellfleet School of Art students picnic and paint on an unspecified Cape Cod beach, Massachusetts, 1947. Photographed by Andreas Feininger.

Place du Tertre, Paris, 1950.

Georgia O’Keefee, Abiquiu, New Mexico. 1948. Photographed by Philippe Halsman.

Janis Joplin at her home in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, November 1967.

Salvador Dalí, 1946. Photographed by Philippe Halsman.

Billie Holiday, 1958. Photographed by Dennis Stock.