Category: 1933

Photos of the real Bonnie and Clyde of the notorious Barrow Gang photographed by W.D. Jones, 1933.

Citizen in Downtown Havana, 1933. Photographed by Walker Evans.

The hat seller, Lower East Side, 1933.

Magnificent Garbo as the fearless Queen Christina of Sweden in the 1933 film directed by Rouben Mamoulian.

Toowoomba motorcycles club, Queensland, Australia, circa 1933.

Publicity photo of Marlene Dietrich for ‘Morocco’ by Eugene R. Richee, 1933.

The last known photographs of the now extinct Thylacine, known as the Tasmanian tiger, 1933.

Walt Disney, 1933. Photographed by Edward Steichen.

Knitting, Paris, 1933. Photographed by Fred Stein.

Boys playing instruments on street, Cuba, circa 1933.